Spherios Security

Our app is designed to provide you a reliable online protection and help you regain control of the content you see


Ad blocker

Our app removes all kinds of ads in Safari (banners, pop-ups, text and video ads). Ad blocking will improve your website’s load speed while reducing CPU and battery usage.


Enhanced web protection

We provide a selection of filters designed directly for trackers to ensure the security of your personal data. Reduce the risk of accidentally visiting a risky site that may contain malware, spyware, or inappropriate content. 


Custom blacklist

The app allows you to create your own list of blocked domains you want to avoid from seeing and also keeps track of the number of blocked sites.


Spam protection

If you see too many pointless notifications in your calendar that appear out of nowhere you may have mistakenly subscribed to the spam list. The app provides a very useful feature for removing such suspicious events from your iPhone.

A modern content and ad blocker

for your iPhone

Spherios Security prevents internet trackers from recording your web and in-app activity, protects from sites with ads and those that might steal your personal data.

Get full access to Spherios Security Premium

and be more secure 24/7!

– Unlimited access to all blocking filters

– Unlimited access to the custom filters

– No more ads in the app

Don't take our word for it, try the app yourselves and experience the awesomeness.